BioFactura develops and commercializes high-value biosimilars (i.e., follow-on biologics or generic biopharmaceuticals) using its patented StableFastTM Biomanufacturing Platform, the optimal choice for bringing these drug to market with faster, lower cost, superior-quality manufacture.

The global biosimilars market is projected to grow from $1.4 billion in 2013 to over $23 billion in 2019 with a CAGR of 60.4%. Key drivers of future growth include the significant market share enjoyed by first generation monoclonal antibodies and their imminent patent expiries. In addition, the global market seems highly favorable due to increasing pressure felt by countries of all development stages to control the spiraling costs of healthcare and provide access to lifesaving medicines to their populations. BioFactura has identified a niche in the biosimilars market with current innovator revenues of over $20 billion. These 12 blockbuster targets are optimally suited for development employing the company’s StableFastTM technology.

BioFactura executed its first commercial biosimilar deal in 2013 and is developing a partner-selected biosimilar under a StableFastTM platform license. In 2017-18, the Company is advancing its first in-house biosimilar drug candidates to the clinical stages. One internal program has reached the pre-IND stage with favorable initial biocomparability data.