Enhanced expression of a biosimilar monoclonal antibody with a novel NS0 platform

Darryl Sampey, Pascal Courville, David Acree, Jeffrey Hausfeld and William E. Bentley.  Biotechnology Progress.  January 2018. The precise product quality and lower cost of goods demands of the growing biosimilars industry are driving biomanufacturing innovation. Biosimilar cell lines that produce complex glycoproteins such as monoclonal antibodies must be both highly productive and express a product … Continue reading

January 13, 2018 Publications

Biosimilar Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies: Gaps in Science Limit Development of an Industry Standard for Their Regulatory Approval, Part 1

Simran J. Kaur, Darryl Sampey, Lester W. Schultheis, Leonard P. Freedman and William E. Bentley.  BioProcess International.  October 2016. Biosimilars are biologically derived pharmaceuticals intended to have clinical similarity to a legally marketed innovator product when that product’s patent or market exclusivity has expired. By contrast with generic small-molecule drugs, clinical performance of a biologic … Continue reading

October 14, 2016 Publications